​About the Power of Play

​We are a nursery group and consultancy service for families and professionals that is dedicated to coaching the next generation into a mindfully focused future.

At our nurseries we provide high quality, loving care to children and support children to develop a curiosity for the world, a love of learning and a love of them- selves.

We empower families to build their children’s resilience, self-compassion and positive thinking through our nurseries, as well as workshops and events . Through our consultancy we also offer training to fellow professionals, using our research-based outlook to provide creative, inspiring and valuable input throughout Bath, Wiltshire and beyond.

Our Nurseries

Midford Road

​Midford road is a cosy, nurturing environment that provides a base for a variety of exciting adventures.

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Oldfield Road

​Oldfield Road’s spectacular Georgian setting provides an inspiring backdrop for creativity and imagination.

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Neston Farm

​Set amongst beautiful organic farmland, nature is at the heart of everything we do at Neston Farm.

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Our Philosophy

Our nurseries provide safe, secure environments for children to grow and learn through play-based, child-led learning. Children are viewed as the centre of our approach, with a focus on their wellbeing and self-expression. We acknowledge that each child is an individual and the diversity of each child and their family is accepted and respected.

Respectful relationships occur between everyone in our nurseries, and partnerships with parents are viewed as important in providing holistic care and education for each child. We have high expectations for children’s learning and children are viewed as capable and resourceful. 

Educators provide a safe, loving environment where children are provided with resources and meaningful experiences which cater holistically to their strengths, needs and interests, considering their physical and mental health. Time is provided for children to explore concepts in depth, both alone and with friends, as educators scaffold to help them achieve their ideas and assist them make meaningful connections. Our nurseries aim to incorporate all the latest early childhood research and practices and implements the Early Years Statutory Framework to ensure the provision of high-quality childcare.