About Midford

Midford Road Nursery was our first nursery, opening in 2015. It was born from a dream to grow a popular childminding business into a nursery setting, while maintaining the same relaxed, home-from-home feel. Midford Road Nursery has been hugely popular and has grown over the years. However, our cosy atmosphere still pervades every space, creating a nurturing environment that allows children to feel happy and at ease.

We have recently expanded, adding a beautiful new base for our babies and younger toddlers. This bright and calm space contains a range of areas and resources for children to explore, including a cosy sleep room. There is also a wonderful little garden so we can spend time outside throughout the day.

The rest of the building provides space for our older toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Downstairs, we have two rooms. The smaller is the toddler base and the larger is the preschool base. These bases provide space for each age group to come together for registration, mealtimes and focused activities. However, most of our day is spent in mixed, free-flow play. There are a range of areas and resources for the children to explore, with an emphasis on open-ended and authentic resources.

Double doors lead from the preschool base outside to our lovely garden. These doors are open all day to allow the children free-flow access. We have a sandpit, mud kitchen and resources for large-scale construction and physical play. Additionally, we have a gate that leads directly onto a large playing field which we use for sports, parties, picnics and more!

Upstairs is our art studio, where our resident artist helps the children to express their ideas through a range of media and materials. A second room provides a cosy space for naps, yoga and other calming activities.

We also love to go out exploring! We love our city and children go on regular trips to immerse ourselves in our amazing community. We visit our allotment, Bath City Farm, the theatre, local woodlands, duck ponds, parks, local shops and anywhere else that piques our interests! These trips help the children to practice their social skills, build their confidence in the wider world and develop a sense of belonging. They also help children to develop safety awareness while out and about.