About us


We strongly believe that children do not need to be taught, but rather that they need to be developed through inspiring, child-led play.

We approach childcare with an extremely caring, empathetic manner. We encourage children of all ages to explore their nursery alongside siblings and friends of mixed ages.

Every child is unique, with their own interests and strengths, and so they develop best when given the freedom to take charge of their own learning. By surrounding your child’s absorbent mind with inspiring, versatile resources and skilful role models, your child’s play will be nurtured and extended to help them grow into the confident, curious individuals they are.

We also love to go out exploring. We visit our allotment, the city farm, the theatre, woods, duck ponds, parks, local shops and anywhere else that piques our interests! At least once a week we visit a local care home for older people. We really immerse ourselves in the local community, bringing benefits to your children and to others.

We have a full time cook on site who prepares all our meals from scratch. All of our meals are homemade and we do not add any salt or sugar. Our meat is sourced from a local butchers, and we are a pork free setting.

We have fruit and snacks available for children to help themselves to throughout the morning and afternoon. Our fruit is delivered fresh weekly from local greengrocers, reducing plastic packaging. We are always happy change our menu where necessary to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

We have an allotment in Combe Down, which the children help up to maintain and which is a great space where the children can help to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. They plant seeds, water them and watch them grow then finally get to harvest and enjoy them! From this process, the children learn so much about nature and the source of some of their foods.

We believe in nurturing our environment and encouraging our children to consider their impact on the planet as they grow. We are on a journey to reduce single-use plastic in our settings. We currently make our own wet wipes and hand sanitiser, have all our milk delivered in glass bottles, use an EcoEgg for our washing, have fruit delivered in boxes, and don’t use any new plastic in craft activities.