Midford Road

Midford Road Nursery offers a delightful, intimate space to families, welcoming babies right through to children who are about to start school. Our home-from-home learning environment is designed to feel like a relaxed, nurturing place to allow children to feel at ease and comfortable.

Our nursery is set over two floors. Upstairs is the baby base; a calm, cosy space for up to six children aged from 0-2. Here, children can explore a range of resources with a focus on sensory play. You can also find our kitchen on this floor.

Downstairs, we have two rooms. The smaller is the toddler base for up to eight 2-3 year olds. The larger room is the preschool base for up to sixteen 3-5 year olds.

The bases provide a space for each age group to come together for registration, meal times and for age-targeted, focused activities. However, we believe that allowing all age groups to free play together between all the rooms is really beneficial for everyone and so the majority of our day is spent in mixed, free-flow play.

The rooms have a fantastic art area with a variety of creative materials, a cosy reading nook for relaxing together, and a large role play space for the children to explore a variety of emotions, boundaries and roles through imaginative play. We also have construction and small world areas to allow children to engineer and build all kinds of creations. We have plenty of space for inquisitive minds to explore science and develop their play in whichever direction their interests take them.

Double doors lead from the preschool base outside to our lovely little garden, small but perfectly formed! These doors are open all day to allow the children free-flow access. Here we have a large sand pit, water play, a mud kitchen, construction materials and lots of other resources for fantastic outdoor play. We have a gate that leads directly onto a large playing field which we use for sports, parties, picnics and more.