Neston Admissions

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Current Fee Structure

Babies Aged 0-2 years Toddlers Aged 2-3 years Preschool Aged 3-5 years Preschool funded children (EYE)
Full day session 08:00-18:00 £59.00 £57.00 £55.00 £11.40 (£1.14 per hour)
Extended full day session 07:30-18:30 £69.00 £67.00 £65.00 Additional hours charged at hourly rate
Early session 07:30-08:00 £6.50 for all ages
Late session 18:00-18:30 £6.50 for all ages

(2022) Fees are subject to annual increase.

Opening times and General Information

  • Neston Farm Nursery is open Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.
  • A full day session includes breakfast, a hot lunch and a light tea, as well as regular, healthy snacks.
  • All fees include meals and snacks, nappies, wipes, creams and outings.
  • To secure a space for your child, we require a deposit of one week’s fees which is deducted from your final invoice, provided that you attend the nursery for six months. We also charge a £50.00 administration fee which is non-refundable.
  • We accept EYE funding, 2-year-old funding and other available funding. We apply this funding all year round. Please contact the nursery for more details.
  • We accept childcare voucher payments and Tax-Free Childcare Scheme payments.
  • Payments by BACs are welcomed. We do not accept cheques. Fees are paid a month in advance.
  • We are closed for all bank holidays. We do not charge for these days.
  • We are closed for the week between Christmas and New Year, inclusive. We do not charge for these days.
  • We close on two days per year for staff training and development. You will be informed of the dates well in advance. We do charge for these days.
  • We will take your children on lots of outings to explore the local community. Please understand that if you choose our nursery your child will take part in such outings, as we believe them to be important for a child’s development.
  • You can drop off and collect your child at any time within your booked session hours.